Custom Furniture

Tom Goldsmith Joinery - Chapel Down Copper Bar
Bespoke wine tasting bar, shortlisted in the Kent Design Awards 2018
A piece of furniture can transform a room and be a lifetime investment.  The process of designing and commissioning a bespoke piece of furniture tailored exactly to your needs means you have complete control of the project.
Tom Goldsmith Joinery offers a design consultation for bespoke furniture which is then handcrafted by our experienced joiners.  Whether you have a furniture design already in mind or would prefer to design an original piece from scratch, we will ensure your piece is designed, crafted and finished to the highest standards.

We offer a personal service in design and construction to meet your needs and budget.  Furniture can be constructed from a multitude of timbers using both traditional and contemporary methods.  Please get in touch to discuss your furniture needs with us.

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Tom Goldsmith Joinery - Cabinet

I can't rate the work highly enough. Meticulousness, attention to detail, eye for design, excellent quality of work and extremely helpful and a friendly attitude make Tom Goldsmith Joinery a pleasure to work with.

Tom Goldsmith Joinery - Black Walnut Display Cabinet
Tom Goldsmith Joinery - Black Walnut Central Tasting Table (12 metres)
Tom Goldsmith Joinery - Cabinet
Tom Goldsmith Joinery - Handmade Table
Tom Goldsmith Joinery - Handmade Banquette with Integrated Storage
Tom Goldsmith Joinery - Chapel Down Copper Bar