Windows are integral to any property and it is important that they are well-maintained and functional.  Well installed, quality windows not only add to the appearance of a property but can also improve energy efficiency and help increase the value of your property.  

​We are able to supply a range of window styles to meet your needs, finished with either double or single glazed casements.  
Window styles include:
   - Sliding Sash Windows (& replacement Sashes)
   - Stormproof Windows
   - Casement Windows
   - Fixed Muntin Fire Escape Windows
   - Sub-frames for PVC Windows & Cretals
   ... as well as a full window refurbishment service
Tom Goldsmith Joinery - Sliding Sash Bay Window
We use a unique dual-draft preventative system using a combination of Aquamac and Brush seal to eliminate drafts and rattles that are often common irritations of standard timber windows.

As well as using a range of different timbers, we also offer a selection of wood treatments and finishes to preserve the life of your joinery against the weather and woodboring insects.  In addition we offer a window refurbishment service.


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Tom Goldsmith Joinery - Casement Windows for Grade II Listed Property

The two new windows which Tom Goldsmith Joinery made and fitted for our Grade II Listed property are wonderful. Tom is a true craftsman!

Tom Goldsmith Joinery - Oast House Casement Windows
Tom Goldsmith Joinery - Sliding Sash Windows for Grade II Listed Building